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meet the experts of WCE!

Without our team of experts WCE wouldn't be able to do to what we do. Month after month our experts share with you their knowledge in their industry so that you can become a better, stronger entrepreneur. Read below to learn a little more about each of our experts and the training programs they have provided for WCE!

Aja Vickers has spent nearly 15 years creating compelling visual content for network television, businesses, non-profits, and artists.

She shared her knowledge with those looking to create their own videos on two WCE workshops.

Download the Replays of her Workshops


You can also learn more about Aja Vickers and her services here:

Megan helps solopreneurs and small business owners grow their business by using Facebook & Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Strategies and Digital Marketing Consulting.

On WCE's LinkedIn workshop Megan taught us the algorithm, content, and overall culture on LinkedIn, as well as, how to reach to your ideal client and more!⁠

Download the Replay Here

You can also learn more about Megan Shields and her services here:

Marsha helps busy entrepreneurs develop a strategy and action plan to create a brand and grow their business online.⁠ She is Professor of Writing and a social media and branding specialist at UH-SBDC. As well as, the creator of: How to Train Your Mind for Success: A 30 Day Journal.⁠

In WCE's How to Build a Profitable Email Workshop, Marsha taught us how select the right email provider, opt-ins, how to write captivating subject lines, how to promote your newsletter and how to turn subscribers into loyal customers.

Download the Replay Here

You can also learn more about Marsha Lynn Hudson and her services here:

Jasmin helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with Social Media Management, Coaching, and Training. She focuses on branding, digital strategy, and other forms of marketing such as blogging, email marketing, and ads.

Jasmin shared her endless knowledge of the program Canva in two seperate WCE workshops. She shows you step by step the amazing features Canva has to offer you & your business.

You can download the replays of part 1 and part 2


You can also learn more about Jasmin Augustin and her services here:

Krista McDaniel has over 10 years experience in the digital marketing field. Kreative Media is a full service digital marketing agency specializing in website design, logo design, social media management, SEO, facebook & google ad management, videography and branding photography.

On WCE's How to Create Effective Ads on Soical Media Krista taught us ad strategy, different call to actions, creating an audience, the difference between boosting a post and a full ad campaign and more.

Download the Replay Here

You can also learn more about Krista McDaniel and her services here:

Sonia Thompson is a customer experience strategist & consultant, and CEO of Thompson Media Group, where she helps companies deliver inclusive and remarkable customer experiences that win customers. She also writes weekly columns for both Forbes and Inc. where she covers how belonging, inclusive marketing, and remarkable customer experiences fuel growth and customer loyalty.

In WCE's 5 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Inclusive Workshop, Sonia taught us what our network has to do with inclusivity, creating a buyer persona that includes diversity, how not to unknowingly push customers away, how deliver a customer experience that makes customers feel welcome and more

Download the Replay Here

You can also learn more about Sonia Thompson and her services here:

Shelly Fagin first started working in web development over 18 years ago. After a brief stint as SEO Director for a large agency, she has spent the last twelve years wearing many hats as an independent SEO consultant working mostly with local businesses and helping them thrive through digital marketing. 

On WCE's How to Improve Your SEO Rank on Google Shelly taught us how to improve your Search Engine Optimization, the basic understanding of SEO, how it affects your website and common mistakes business owners make with their website and how to fix them.

Download the Replay Here

You can also learn more about Shelly Fagin here:

Leslie Osborne started her own food blog called "Bessie Bakes" to share step-by-step baking tutorials. Since then she has perfected her food photography skills, as well as, developing her own food and product photography backdrops in 2019. Her backdrops have been for Williams Sonoma's website, Marley and Spoon, digital marketing agencies, as well as many food blogs and small businesses. 

On WCE's How to Photograph Products Like a Pro Leslie taught us the 3 main angles that work best for products, an intro to camera settings, different lighting types, how to create compelling photos with backdrops, color palettes, and interesting composition.

Download the Replay Here

You can also learn more about Leslie Osborne here:

Claudia Da Silva, Licensed Real Estate Professional. A dynamic businesswoman, a world-traveler, Claudia is fluent in 3 languages, and her worldwide network helps her clients close their domestic and international real estate transactions. Claudia grew her Instagram following to over 8,000 within a year she shared with us her secrets! 

On WCE's How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business Workshop. Claudia shared tips and tricks that you as a normal business owner (no special social skills needed) can do to grow your business with Instagram!

Download the Replay Here

You can also learn more about Claudia Da Silva here:

Jake Dempsey is the CEO of StarterStep which is a leader in web and mobile application development having built products on nearly every platform and currently leveraging bleeding edge technologies to provide the richest, most cost effective solutions for their clients. 

On WCE's Everything You Need To Know About Text Marketing to be Successful Workshop Jake shared the benefits of text marketing, the regulations, how to build your text marketing contact list, as well as an overview of how to use Project Broadcast, a leading text marketing provider

Download the Replay Here

You can also learn more about Jake Dempsey here: or

Sophie Newman has a passion for helping businesses connect with their ideal audience. She develops marketing content and solutions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, small businesses, and universities. Sophie graduated at the top of her class with a Master of Science in Marketing program from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Science in Advertising from University of Florida.

On WCE's Amplify Your Reach with Branding + Marketing Tips Workshop Sophie shared how to attract people to your business shared how to attract people to your business by Getting Noticed With Sophie's Top Visibility Tips,  and how to Stay Committed to Your Outreach Goals and more.

Download the Replay Here

You can also learn more about Sophie Newman here:


Brigid Ward has worked 17+ years in Corporate and Advertising doing Marketing Communications, Account Management, Program/Project Management, and Social Media. Helping Fortune 500 companies launch multimillion dollar products and brands and launch massive 10,000 person events. She create Brigid Ward & Co., LLC, to help high-level entrepreneurs scale their businesses to the next level. She is passionate, energetic and full of strategic ideas for your company. 

On WCE's How to Start Your Own Podcast Workshop Brigid shared why it is so important now more than ever to start a podcast. You will learn how quickly you can have it up and running as well as the key to getting quick results.

Download the Replay Here

You can also learn more about Brigid Ward here:

Brittni Schroeder is a Certified Life and Business Coach at Brittni Schroeder Business and Confidence Coaching for Entrepreneurs where she helps female entrepreneurs launch and level up their businesses. She was a Photographer for over 10 years her work was featured in The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America and several publications.

On WCE's How to Use Facebook Ads. Brittni walks us step by step on how to create a Facebook Ad, set up a Facebook Pixel on your website, How much money to spend on ads, and How to target specific audiences.

Download the Replay Here

You can also learn more about Brittni Schroeder here:

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