Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs (WCE) is a network for women entrepreneurs that connect and support each other. We promote, motivate, and educate through our events and community involvement. We are a community of women that is focused on business development webinars, and resources that every entrepreneur needs to succeed.  WCE gives all women an opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs, promote their businesses, and share experiences through our local chapter events.  You don't have to do this entrepreneurial journey alone.


This is a networking event is where you can meet other entrepreneurs and build relationships, partnerships, and mentorships
You will have the opportunity to expand your customer base, your referral sources, and meet some other women entrepreneurs who know exactly what you are going through as an entrepreneur!

Our Virtual Workshops provide an opportunity for women business owners to learn about important business topics in the comfort of their homes. Discover ways to make yourself a better and more efficient business owner!

WCE's Inspirational Series Events are designed to keep women going, even when it gets tough. We have all been there, and we can do this! It is so important to know that you are not alone in the hard times, and that motivation requires regular maintenance.

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With virtual workshops, webinars, resources, free downloads, on-demand education, in-person networking events, advertising opportunities, 
ShopaSmallBusiness.com to promote your business, and a community of passionate, driven entrepreneurs WCE has everything to help you become the best version of yourself! Click below to learn more about everything Women's Council of Entrepreneurs has to offer including the benefits of becoming a member!

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WCE’s articles are filled with our business and entrepreneurial resources and downloads. WCE's resources include tips, information, and quick tutorials that can help you tweak your day-to-day workflow. Our downloads are researched, developed, and created in-house. We make sure that each download will help you manage, organize, and inspire your business life.

Women's Council of Entrepreneurs On-Demand Education and live Virtual Workshops & Webinars are focused on business development topics that every entrepreneur needs to succeed. Led by hand-picked industry-leading experts, our on-demand education and live webinars are designed to help you become the best and most efficient entrepreneur you can be. 

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ShopaSmallBusiness.com is supported and powered by WCE and all Platinum WCE Members are included in this small business directory.  We promote to our almost 10k followers on our social media platforms, as well as, to our email and text marketing lists.  This is an amazing perk for women-owned businesses so consumers can easily find you and your business!

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