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Meet The Woman Behind Psalm 47 Marketing & Design

14 Jan 2021 7:00 AM | Anonymous

Women's Council of Entrepreneurs had the privilege of interviewing Olivia Olaguer the woman behind Psalm 47 Marketing & Design. Learn all about Olivia, the team of women behind her, and how her strong faith helped her fulfill her passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. 

Tell us a little bit about your business and what you do. 

Psalm 47 Marketing & Design provides business owners with the essentials when it comes to planning and launching their businesses, big or small. From logo and branding to website design, we make sure each of our clients are well prepared and taken care of. Our company is built on the knowledge that we are here for our clients - it is our top priority to make sure they have peace of mind and confidence in their businesses. We also offer social media management, digital and print marketing, email marketing, graphic design, copywriting, and copyediting.

How or why did you decide to start your own business? 

Psalm 47 Marketing & Design officially became an LLC in May of this year. At the beginning of the pandemic, there were so many amazing people that had always dreamed of opening their own businesses and the quarantine gave them the availability to do so. God definitely brought positivity out of a difficult time. I also noticed that many business owners felt discouraged and frustrated by the lack of affordable and quality design and marketing. I had been doing freelancing while I was also home, but God put it on my heart and mind to start my own company and help other people, especially those that weren't in the best place financially but wanted to pursue their passions. So, I took the leap of faith and am so thankful I did! 

Why did you choose this business or industry?

Throughout my career history, I have gained a lot of experience in marketing and design, as well as sales and customer service. Being a business owner in this industry, it's super helpful to be well-rounded in these areas. I also loved the flexibility to be able to work from home while being there for my three children. 

Did you have any major setbacks or obstacles getting started?

Being a mother to three children and a small business owner, I often wish for more hours in the day. But as the business continues to grow, I have also been able to scale. I am so proud to have a team of two spectacular ladies, Madison and Miranda, that get me through the hardest days.

What differentiates your business from your competition? 

I believe me putting my beliefs and faith out there first and foremost has set me apart from the competition. I have met so many wonderful women of faith throughout this journey and have built a lot of lasting relationships. I also know my business and customer service model is what drives the growth the company has seen. It is so important for me to have a one-on-one connection with each and every one of our clients. I love to think that I am their business bestie! Some days can be crazy busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

What are you most proud of about your business?

Honestly just thinking of the answer to this question makes me so happy and brings tears of joy. I am so proud to be able to help my clients and hear their excitement as their businesses grow. It's the best feeling in the world to be there for them. 

How has your industry changed in the last few months and how do you see it changing in the future (or will it)? 

Unfortunately, a lot of industries and businesses have taken a hit during this year due to the pandemic, some not able to recover. As I mentioned before, many people have shifted into being business owners, so that has meant more of a need for the services we provide. What I see changing, or continuing to change, is marketing in general. Social media is a major part of marketing strategy nowadays, so it's vital to make sure you have an online presence and stay relevant. 

What is your favorite small business? 

Oh man this is a hard question, I try to support other small businesses when I can, so it's hard to just think of one! I mean I have a place I get my cookies, cakes, candles, jewelry, clothes, and others!  

Olivia and her team at Psalm 47 always aim to always be transparent with their pricing since their mission is to provide affordable marketing and design solutions. You can connect with them on social media or visit their website to find pricing and book a consultation!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/psalm47marketingdesign

Instagram: www.instagram.com/olivia_olaguer/

Website: www.psalm47marketingdesign.com

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