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4 Reasons Why *Good* Photos Are Important for Your Business

3 Nov 2020 7:03 AM | Anonymous

You might not think that photography is important for your business since… you’re not a photographer! Well, that is not true and frankly bad photos on your website or social media could make or break your business. Here are 4 reasons why *good* photography is extremely important for your business.

  1.  Why Quality Matters  “75% of online shoppers rely on product imagery when making a decision about a potential purchase.”  With that statistic alone you want to make sure your photos are the best representation of your product! You could have the most amazing product on the market, but if the photos are poor quality your product will look like poor quality.
  2. First Impressions  Most of the time your photos on Social Media & your website are the FIRST thing people see about your business. You want the people viewing your business and seeing clean, good photos so they know you are a business that takes pride in their work. The photos they see are the only representation of your business at that point ~ how do you want your business to represented? This goes for non-product based businesses as well. 
  3. Relieve your Customers Anxiety About Purchasing Online Some people don’t pull the trigger with a product online because they can’t physically touch it and see if they like it. Relieve that stress and doubt by providing high quality, crisp photos from multiply angles of your product.“22% of Returns Occur Because the Product Looks Different in Person”Don’t let this happen to your product because of poor images. 
  4. Good Photos are more Shareable! Good Visual Content is 40% More Likely to Get Shared on From your Social Accounts! Increased engagement is the most important thing for social media, if you have more shares and engagement then the social media gods will boost you up on news feed. That means you will be seen by more people and your potential client/customer will grow as well!

It is fairly obvious now photos are an important part of any business. You can hire a professional photographer to take photos for you especially if you’re needing new headshots. It is also a good idea to learn how to take good quality photos so that you don’t always have to rely on a professional photographer for your quick shoots. WCE has a workshop coming up this Thursday, Nov 5th  ~ How to Photograph Products Like a Pro! You will learn simple lighting techniques, the best angles and composition, and ideas for color palettes! You can go

HERE to register for the event. This is recorded event so if you miss it you can check back at our SHOP for the recording.

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