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6 Steps for Making Happy Customers

12 Oct 2020 10:53 PM | Anonymous

With Yelp, Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and everywhere else reviews for your business can be made it is important to know how to make your customers happy.

Here are 6 tips we think are important for making a happy and satisfied customer.

1. Know your Clients Expectations

Better yet - remember the expectations you have advertised about your business. What are the main things you have stated you provide for your customers or clients? Always keep up with the standards you have set for your brand. Know who you are as company and always provide that to each of your customers or clients.

2. Be Prepared to Solve Your Customers Problems

Know and be prepared for the common (and not so common) problems your customer tend to have. Be one step ahead, so that your customer's experience runs smoothly. Have procedures in place for the different issues that could occur and make sure your co-worker/employees are trained on these procedures. For example: if you're a wedding photographer and you know every wedding there is always an issue with brides being able to gather all her family members after the ceremony for the portraits. The solution/procedure: Give your bride a worksheet to fill out well before the wedding of all the portraits she wants taken on her wedding day. Then provide printable cards she can have her bridesmaids give to the family members needed for portraits explaining where they need to meet the bride and groom after the ceremony. Simple! Something that is very stressful for your client is fixed by you = happy client!

3. Have AMAZING Customer Service

None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes. There will be a time when you will have an unhappy or unsatisfied customer. Whether that customer's complaint is legitimate or not doesn't really matter. You need to try and make that customer happy and right your wrong IMMEDIATELY. Listen to your client's complaint, show sympathy, admit fault, apologize, even ask the customer how you can fix this for them. Again, have a plan and procedure in place and make sure everyone working with you is trained on that procedure. Nothing can take down a business faster than bad customer service.

4. Thank Your Customers

Make sure to thank your customers at the time of purchase. And it is also a nice touch to send past customers/client a note, email, or text (however you contact them) with a thank you and add a coupon or discount code with it! It will remind them you are still there while making them feel appreciated. 

5. Ask for Feedback

You will never grow as a company if you do not listen to your customers/clients. Provide a place where they can leave anonymous  feedback ~ it will be more honest that way. The best way to know what your customer wants or needs is by asking them.

6. Listen to the Feedback

If there are things that your customers are not happy with ~ change it! Like we said before nobody is perfect, you will always need to adapt and change things within your business to provide the best experience for your customer or client.

The bottom line, when a customer has a great experience they will want to return. If you exceed your customer's expectations not only will they want to return they will recommend you to others. 

We hope this helps! Let us know (we love feedback)!! Also, if you are struggling to find more customers browse through our other articles for marketing tips.  You can look through our shop for webinars & workshops too ~ we have so many topics to choose from!  WCE also has an upcoming webinar on  5 ways to make your Marketing more Inclusive that can help you grow your clientele!

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