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Setting Goals ~ Free Worksheet

4 Aug 2020 8:39 AM | Ali Everhard (Administrator)

For some the new year is when they set goals, but here at WCE we are strong believers of setting small goals throughout the year. Coming up with goals can be the easy part planning and implementing them is the hard part! 

We have created a simple Goal Worksheet for you to use to help organize your goal and break it down so that you can easily achieve it!

Before you download the Goal Worksheet ~ which can be found HERE ~ we want to walk you through the worksheet so you know what each section means!

At the top of the worksheet you are going to simply write your goal down. You will also include a due date. This can be an estimated date, but you want to give yourself a deadline so you have a date to work towards.

After you write your goal down, give yourself the reason why you want to achieve this goal! This is important because it will remind you why you need to stay focused and your purpose. 

Onto the brainstorming section! Some things to get your brain storming ~ What will you need to reach your goal? What are some routes to take to get there? What have done in the past that would help with this goal? Brainstorming is important for planning out the next two sections, so grab so extra paper if you need it!!

What you will fill out next is your contact and resources that can help to achieve this goal. Who are some people that can help you? Where are some places you can go for help?

Now you will be making your Action List! This will be pulled from your brainstorming list ~ what are the the small steps you need to take to reach the ultimate goal? Write each small step down, create a due date, and don’t forget to check it off when it is done!

We suggest after you fill this out hang it near your desk so that you see it everyday. You want to be reminded of the small tasks you need to do to reach the goal you have set. 

We really hope this helps! Search our other articles for great tips and other free downloads and check out our Upcoming Events & and in our Shop ~ WCE just might be the resource you’re looking for to achieve your goals!!!


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