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Free Download ~ Monthly Social Media Plan Outline

10 Aug 2021 7:09 AM | Ali Everhard (Administrator)

As we say almost every week here at WCE our mission is to help entrepreneurs. We are always trying to find ways to lighten your workload because we know the immense load you carry daily. One of the ways we do this is by creating free downloadable worksheets and guides that can organize your daily tasks. The task we are focusing on this week (and we tend to focus on a lot) is social media posting. Monthly we create a Social Media Post Idea Guide that is filled with post ideas that you can use on your business' social media page. It is super helpful! You can find the August edition here: August Social Media Post Idea Guide

Well, we decided to stay in the theme of social media planning because we know how time consuming and creatively draining it can be! We have created for you a worksheet that should help you organize what you have going during the month so that you can plan and project to your audience exactly what you want them to hear on your social media pages.

We are calling it our ~ Monthly Social Media Plan Outline and it is super simple to use! You start out by figuring out your goals for the month and what you want your audience to learn about your business. Next, you write down any specials or announcements you may have for your business. Writing all this down helps you sort out what needs to be portrayed to your followers.

Next, you are giving ideas on daily topics you can use, these are similar to the ideas we give in our Social Media Post Idea Guides. There is room for you to write topics that are specific to your business and industry. Don't be scared to do some research. Look at successful social media accounts and see what they're posting. See if any of their topics would work for your business! Just remember to come up with your own version of it, stealing someone else's exact post is not only in bad taste it can also get you into legal troubles. 

And lastly, we have a section for you to create some weekly themes for your social media posts. We have found this is a great way to break down the week and figure out when to post certain ideas. For example here at WCE we always post our articles, tips and downloads on Tuesday for #tuesdaytips! We always give our followers a great inspirational quote on Thursday for #ThursdayThoughts. Even if you don't publicly hashtag those themes you can still have them to make it easier for you to categorize your posts.

Along with the outline worksheet we also included a free monthly blank planner for you to actually write down the posts that you plan to do. We do suggest after planning your posts use an online scheduling program. Get a lot of your posts scheduled ahead of time so that you are not scrambling each day. Facebook has a good scheduler and if you use they have a scheduling option as well (Jasmin Augustin goes over how to use it in our Canva Workshop). We also love, it is super simple to use and not expensive at all.

Now onto the good stuff! You can get your FREE Monthly Social Media Plan Outline by clicking the button or image below!


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