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5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Email List from Ground Zero By: Marsha Lynn Hudson

2 Mar 2021 5:32 AM | Anonymous

Marsha Lynn Hudson

The email list is the small business owner’s best friend. Unlike social media, we own our email list. Social media can shut down at any time or block you. You own your email list, and a good list will turn lookers into buyers. Even if you don’t have a big email list, you can grow a good list of active subscribers from ground zero.

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List…

  1. Go through your present email and make a good list of people who you know could benefit from your services. Go through your personal emails and compile a good list from friends and family.
  2. Create a welcome or welcome back email to let people know that you will be emailing them some valuable information on a monthly basis.
  3. After you have gotten this list active, now you want to start adding to the list. It is time to create a lead magnet or opt-in. This doesn’t have to be long.
  4. Your lead magnet or opt-in can be a PDF that is something of value that prospects can download for free in exchange for their email. A lead magnet can be created with Canva or from a landing page.
  5. Be consistent with sending an email on the same day of the week so your subscribers can expect, anticipate and look forward to getting your email.

If you follow these 5 steps, and you are consistent,you will see growth. An active email campaign will not only keep your business on “top of mind” of your ideal client, but will bring in loyal, paying customers.

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