Webinar Series~5 ways to make your Marketing more Inclusive

  • 22 Oct 2020
  • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • online via Zoom


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Sonia Thompson, marketing strategist, consultant, and CEO of Thompson Media Group will share with us about how to make your marketing more inclusive. Business is about belonging. When your customers feel like they belong with you, they will reward you with their loyalty. When they don't feel like they belong, they will go off in search of another option that does make them feel that way.

Far too many businesses send signals without even realizing it that diverse and niche consumers don't belong with them. As a result, they are pushing customers away who had the potential to be loyal to them. No bueno. In this workshop we'll walk through five ways to make your marketing more inclusive so you can win the attention, adoration, and loyalty of diverse and niche consumers and grow your business.

~What your network has to do with inclusivity
~How to create buyer personas that are inclusive of diverse customers
~Common ways brands push customers away with their promotional campaigns without even knowing it (and how to fix it)
~How to ensure you know what to say and how to engage with diverse customers
~How to ensure you deliver a customer experience that makes customers feel like they belong

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