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Tips To Get More PR for Your Business

12 Jan 2021 6:04 AM | Anonymous

There is always a lingering question with business owners and entrepreneurs….How do I get my business to the next level? The answer is Marketing and PR! Well, we all probably knew the answer, but the biggest problem is we don’t know really know how to do it. Marketing your business is a never-ending job and you should always give yourself a proper budget for it. We have tackled different ways to market your business in other WCE articles, today we are focusing on PR.

What is PR? Carrie Ward of Connexions Public Relations shares with us that “PR is your business story shared through a third-party such as: news media, investors, partners, influencers and/or customers.”

Carrie also shared with WCE ways to legitimize your business with these outlets:

  1. Press Release. A press release is “an official statement delivered to members of the news media for the purpose of providing information, an official statement, or making an announcement.” This how you can present your company’s story to the news media, investors and even customers.

2. Awards. Research different awards in your field and submit your application for them. If you are successful and achieve these awards ~ tout your successes! Post about it and spread the word that you are “award-winning” in your field!

3. Media & Analyst Relations/Contributed Articles. Establish relationships with publications, journalist, blogs, and industry analysts. Write and submit articles to these media outlets. Be seen and be heard as an expert. 

4. Reviews. Always, always post and talk about customer testimonials, product reviews, and online reviews. People take their peer's suggestions seriously.

This can be overwhelming, but Carrie says to break it into bite size pieces. The first step before you send off your press release or contact blogs is to develop your company’s story. Think about how and why you started your business and what sets you apart for all the others. Then review existing marketing content for PR opportunities, identify one to three journalists or influencers that fit your field to contact. Next, step is simple, research one award and a apply for it. Then finally, ask a customer for a quote or have them write an online review for you. 

Even the bite size pieces can be a lot when you're trying to run your business too, so if you’re feeling lost or need guidance with developing your story, writing a press release, or contacting media outlets Carrie and Connexions can help with all of those things! You can get more info by visiting their website: www.connexionspr.com

And for more helpful tips and free downloads check out our other articles. And don’t miss our upcoming workshops ~ WCE wants to help you become the best business owner you can be! 


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