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Why Design is Important to Your Business

2 Feb 2021 6:32 AM | Anonymous

Here at Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs we try to bring you tips, tricks, and support to help you grow as a business owner. We enjoy finding new ways to help you streamline your workflow. We find the latest apps and software that simplifies certain aspects of running a business. 

This week we are focusing on design. You might be thinking ~ Design? That has nothing to do with my business. Well, you might not THINK it has anything to do with the service or product you provide, but it does. Design is very important for businesses, it is the first impression of your business to your potential clients. Your logo is gateway into your business, it gives your potential client the sense of who you are and the “feel” of your business. This also goes for labeling if you have products!  The images you put on your website and social media is very important. As we have stated in a previous article photos are important part of your brand, well this goes for ALL the visual content you put out there - which is design! Good design work will also set you apart from the crowd.

Here is a great article by Canva on 20 reasons why design is important to your business https://www.canva.com/learn/design-at-work/ !

Design is clearly important to your business and shouldn’t be something that is brushed over, but at the same time we know that it is not easy for everyone to do! We suggest you contact a graphic designer to help with your logo and other design needs if it is your budget. Another great option is getting on Canva and working with the hundreds of templates they offer. They have template for social media posts all the way to wine labels! 

Even though Canva has amazing templates don’t get discouraged if you  become overwhelmed. Since it has so many features you can feel a little lost when you first get on the website. WCE held a workshop last year and Jasmin Augustin of Media Jasmin navigated us through many of the important features of Canva! You can find that workshop HERE! We also will be having Canva Workshop #2 next week where Jasmin will be back to dive deeper into Canva! You can register for that HERE or if you missed it you can find it in our Shop.

We are also here to help and we hope this did! Any questions or concerns please contact us wearewce@gmail.com

P.S. You can find some AWESOME graphic designers on www.shopasmallbusiness.com!! Always shop small when you can!


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